Clarence Howard


Clarence Howard is an elite personal and celebrity trainer as well as an experienced wellness consultant for corporate brands. Clarence shares a unique, personable approach in curating individualized lifestyles for his clients. His client-specific educational empowerment model and ability to customize simple yet profound life-changing solutions separate him from the industry.

However, Clarence's journey to success did not come easy. Homeless at 17 years old, Clarence decided to become a USDA woodland firefighter to cover his basic needs. During which, he earned a scholarship to prep school and then received a full scholarship to play Division 1 collegiate football at University of Central Florida.

His studious attitude and perseverance did not end at school. After college, Clarence started a training business where he implemented fitness and wellness solutions combining unconventional Eastern and Western ideologies.

Since then, Clarence has worked with a substantial number of elite clienteles, including Odell Beckham Jr., Terry Crews, Chuck Liddell, Shawne Merman, and more. Clarence finds immense gratification in supporting the growth of his clients, helping them realize and transform former weaknesses into growth.